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  • We want to be the Swiss Wealth Management Place where talents and clients feel proud to be partners in delivering a new paradigm in financial services.

  • Our core Values: Accountability, Respect, and Courage.


Accountability means allowing everyone to contribute to the best of their ability. It means being able to take responsibility, have purpose, and be recognized for the results, positive or otherwise, that one has achieved. The right recognition, and also the right support are the demonstration of trust and fairness.


Respect is the basis of fundamental elements in the organization, such as teamwork, a positive work environment, happiness, mutual help. Internal respect is the basis for external respect. It is a philosophy of life to be recognized by clients, business partners, prospective employees and competitors as an organization worthy of consideration.


Courage allows you to grow. Getting out of your comfort zone enables creativity, innovation, and allows you to find solutions that otherwise would seem impossible. It is a fundamental element in looking to the future.

LFG+ZEST wants to cultivate partnership-style relationships with both clients and services providers. The aim is to create long lasting relationships, rooted in mutual trust, able to go beyond single products and services. Ultimately, LFG+ZEST wants its clients and business partners to feel proud to be with us.
LFG+ZEST aims to be the best investment its clients can make, by delivering exellence and targeting perfection. LFG+ZEST only hires talents who are aligned to its core values and vision; furthermore, profits are reinvested into education to support its people to grow and evolve towards their best potential.
LFG+ZEST continuously strives to identify new and better ways to do things but also wants to keep pace with evolution, launching new products and services to deliver the utmost quality, in the most effienct way.
LFG+ZEST believes that alignments of interests between all the stakeholders (shareholders, professionals, business partners and clients) is the best way to delivery extraordinary results, in the long run and to ensure all the efforts are directed towards shared and common goals.