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Enterprises, Banks, Family Office, Wealth Managers and private investors, with needs of various nature and complexity, turn to us. Though the application of our extensive know how of jurisdictions and instruments, we are able to structure and manage a wide variety of financial vehicles and dedicated products, in order to support our clients in reaching their financial goals.

We follow our clients throughout the entire value chain of the investment process: the real comprehension of their needs, the identification of the best solution for them, the structuring of ad-hoc vehicles and products, their management, and the supervision of third party operators.

In the following slides, we outline two common investment vehicles' categories. For a deeper understanding and a tailored analysis of the various structures, jurisdictions, and instruments available, we invite you to get in touch with us.


European Investment Funds, governed by the UCITS and AIFM Directives, present a compelling proposition for family offices, fiduciaries, succession planners, wealth managers, and fiscal advisors, offering distinct advantages to their end clients.

In particular, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) provide a transparent and efficient avenue for families to retain control over their assets, streamline their fiscal and succession planning, and diversify their capital into alternative assets like liquid instruments, real estate, and private equity—commonly forming the core of a family's wealth. Control over these Funds might be preserved through dedicated “shares' enabling families to retain authority over governance and service providers.

The use of EU vehicles such as AIFs allow the ultimate beneficial owners to achieve three main advantages:


Ease of Transferability

A crucial element of AIFs is that their units are easily transferable, allowing individuals of the family to quickly dispose of the underlying assets by transferring the shares to other family members or third parties.

Rights Differentiation

Investors can differentiate a priori the disposal and the economical rights over certain assets among family members (typically between the current wealth's owner and his successors), allocating them in a more or less fragmented way without administrative delay.

Tax Deferral

Profits not distributed by the Funds to the investors, are reinvested with an increase in the shares’ value. Consequently, investors will have the fiscal benefit to postpone taxation over time (until when they will actually realize any profit, by reselling the shares owned).


A number of efficient additional options exist today, including but not only limited to the Actively Managed Certificates. AMCs are well-known structures and depending on the case, they might represent efficient, convenient and quick solutions to offer investors/promoters a tailored made investment strategy, without the need to open new bank accounts and/or discretionary portfolio management relationships.

Quick and Cost- efficient

AMCs might be an optimal solution for investors that are looking for a fast and cost-efficient way to have their assets managed according to a dedicated strategy. Thanks to the low level of administration required, the setup phase may take only few weeks.

Flexible & Customizable

The investment strategy can be designed according to the investors’ specific need and risk profile. AMC’s might accommodate various strategic and tactical investment allocations and asset classes allowing investors to implement a personalized strategy.

Feasible with low masses

Due to their low bureaucratic hurdles and cost-effectiveness, AMCs might serve as a viable solution even for projects with smaller asset sizes.


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