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We believe that our clients, and the relationship we hold with them, are the most valuable assets we own. Our aim is to make them feel more as partners rather than clients. For this reason, our investment process is built, and continuously ameliorated, with the purpose of improving the service and the experience delivered to them.

Our success is based on the ability to customize our products and services, tailoring them according to our partners’ unique goals, concerns, and values. The journey that we embark upon together helps us discover their personalities, their preferences and aversions, as well as their dreams and fears. In time, through our proximity we aim to become a safe harbor in our clients’ minds.

Our investment decision-making process is a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. We embrace technological innovation and continue to find ways to integrate it in our investment process, but we are strong supporters of the human touch.

We invest our clients’ assets exploiting our access to both external and internal talents, while striking the proper balance between passive investments and active managers. Yet, we keep a close eye to costs, because financial markets can be volatile, but costs and taxes are forever. Thus, both cost- and tax-efficiency play an important role in our investment process.

Nonetheless, it is the fact that we invest with prudence and care that portrays LFG+ZEST as a safe harbor in the imagery of our partners. Prudence and care are not a synonym of lower returns; they are the act of managing resources providently and avoiding unnecessary risks. Thus, while yearly returns may vary, these principles will always be at the heart of our investment process.

Investment process


  • Macroeconomic backdrop assessment and financial markets dynamics.
  • Application of proprietary quantitative tools to increase the breadth of the analysis.
  • Synergies with internal and external fund managers/brokers.
  • Use of independent research providers to ensure an unbiased result.


  • Monthly Group meetings, where the portfolio management team dives into the latest events.
  • Quarterly Group meetings, where the portfolio management team offers a structured, top-down analysis of the economic and financial environment.


  • Risk Manager delivers his assessment of the portfolios, analysing performance vis-à-vis the benchmark, concentration risks, and outliers. 
  • Portfolio management team offers an overview of the current asset allocation, including open tactical calls and associated performance.
  • Portfolio management team recommends changes to the asset allocation, which are then voted upon by all voting members.


  • The investment decisions are implemented in the portfolios, accommodating each client's unique investment profile.
  • The CIO drafts the monthly and quarterly newsletter, summarizing the latest development in the markets, the PM analysis, and the Group's final decisions and recommendations.

Our investment process encourages collective thinking rather than individual decision-making, taking advantage of the numerous synergies present in our ecosystem, and combines quantitative methods and human talents to uncover long-term investment opportunities.